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Rules & Regulations

  • Students shall report to the college by 8.30 AM.
  • All students shall attend classes regularly right from the opening day to last working day of the semester.
  • Wearing ID cards in the campus is compulsory.
  • Loss of ID cards / Library cards and change of address/ contact number shall be informed to HOD / College office without delay.
  • Mobile phones are prohibited in the campus. Mobiles once confiscated / seizes will not be returned.
  • Smoking , chewing of pan masala / ghutka , consuming alcoholic drinks and drugs of any kind in the campus are strictly prohibited.
  • Strike or any such undesirable activities in the campus are not permitted and those involved in such activities will be severely punished.
  • Students shall take prior permission before availing leave and leave letters shall be counter signed by parents / guardians /hostel wardens.
  • Hostel students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel.
  • Students are advised to park vehicles in the specified area and its mandatory to wear helmets while riding two wheeler vehicles.

Ragging (Physical, Mental or any other sort) is a criminal offence. Student indulging in such activities will not only be punished as per the order of Government of Karnataka but also the student will be rusticated from the college.


Each semester students has to maintain minimum of 85% attendance in each subject.

Minimum I.A Marks requirement:

Minimum of IA marks + Exam marks for theory 40%
Minimum of IA marks for Laboratory 40%
For a pass in a semester, a candidate shall secure a minimum of 40% of the maximum marks prescribed.


  • For eligibility to next higher class a student should not carry more than 4 subjects of previous two semesters.
  • For eligibility to V & VII semester all subjects up to II & IV semester respectively should be cleared.
  • The candidate shall complete the course within a period of eight academic years from the date of first admission, failing which he /she will not be eligible to continue engineering course.


  • T-shirts / Sleeveless tops / transparent kurtas / Short tops are prohibited.
  • Jeans pant with multiple pockets, any logos, write-ups , shades, indecent or tight fitting dresses are prohibited.
  • Students are advised to dress neatly with proper footwear.
  • Violation in any of the above will be viewed seriously.