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Managing Trustee

managingdirectorEducations are not the filling of a pal but the lighting of a fire – w.b. yeats

I hereby welcome you to PNSIT where we ignite the fie of knowledge and serve the lavish meal of success.

The secret ingredients of success of PNSIT is our big dream supported by fervent prayer, Indefatigable spirit, meticulous planning, scrutinized execution , un remitting team work & Enviable sharing of responsibilities,.

I thank the approval and continuous support of staff & students while we the management Labour hard to realize our big dream.

In an ongoing effort to pursue that the teaching the management ensures that the faculty members regularly participate in seminars & workshops conducted by top brass of both industry and corporate world

Proving fruitful for our students May the strength gained from team work & diligence carry you to greater heights of optimism & zest for life.