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The College Library is a gateway to a world of Information. The Staff and students have unlimited access to a wealth of Information found in resources like books, magazines, Journals, Hand Books, Annual reports and the Internet. In addition, the library offers specious seating arrangements and a calm ambience for learning.

We have crossed many milestones, and developmental stages, by its continuous resource enrichment, continuous infrastructural developments, and On-time implementation of new technologies since from its establishment

Issue of library books for examination:
Students shall borrow and use library books during their odd semester examination only. At the end of each academic year i.e. before starting of even semester examination students have to return their all library borrowings and get no dues from library which is mandatory for getting their hall tickets.

Those students who need to use library books for their exams shall take three books (maximum) by depositing double the cost of the book(s), the same amount will be returned back upon returning of the borrowed books.

However reference service will be functioning always.

General Rules

  1. Every user has to sign in the library gate register whenever he/she uses the library.
  2. Users have to enter the details of the books in the reference register while reading books inside the library.
  3. Readers shall maintain an atmosphere of quietness and dignity inside the library.
  4. Cell phones are strictly prohibited in the library
  5. Sleeping in the library is strictly prohibited.
  6. No refreshments/foodstuff of any kind shall be consumed anywhere inside the library.
  7. Library staff will not be responsible for reader’s belongings.
  8. Do not strew papers on the floor/ table. Use litter basket.
  9. Do not write upon the furniture and disturb their arrangement.
  10. Please switch off the fans in use while leaving the place.
  11. Replace newspapers, journals & magazines at their appropriate place after usage.
  12. The librarian shall refuse admission to anyone infringing the rules and regulations of the library or for indulging in any misconduct.