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Electrical and Electronics engineering

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in the year 2010 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students. Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

The major thrust in this course is related to the basic principles and detailed analysis of different types of equipment and systems for generation transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy.

The course also covers the study of electronic devices and circuits involved in measurement, instrumentation, control and protection of electrical equipments and conversion systems.

Course Benefits Flexibility to choose various fields upon graduation. Opportunity to work on live problems, environmental related technologies. And also to develop software for electrical related projects.

This depart provide technical education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of innovation enabling the graduates to engage in lifelong learning which is essential to improve performance continuously and excel in their career.


To develop pool of knowledge, skills, facilities and impart high quality education. The department ensures that the students are exposed to the latest technological developments taking place globally. The Electrical engineers develop analytical skills and reasoning power along with computer knowledge, programming skills.


  • To impart quality education to the students to enter a dynamic and founded with changing field with career opportunities in Electrical engineering domain.
  • To accomplish a sustained upgradation of infrastructure.
  • To ensure total understanding and commitment to the set objectives.
  • To adopt modern instructional methods.
  • To utilize the in-house expertise for activities to fulfill the social obligations.

ChethanElectrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the core branch of engineering. The department started in the year 2010 with an annual intake of 60 students. Being the just begun department in our institute the facilities are being set up one by one and in the days to come it is going to be one of the most advanced and sophisticated disciplines here in our institute. The department staffs are dynamic, young and always endeavor hard for imparting better knowledge to the students and works as team in all departmental activities.

Course also covers the study of electronic devices and circuits involved in measurements, instrumentation, control and protection of electrical equipments and conversion systems. Concept of computers and recent applications of computer based systems in design, analysis and efficient operation of power system, maintaining quality and security, also included in the course.

I wish the students make best use of the ambience and work towards achieving excellence in the chosen field.

Relay and High Voltage Lab: Relay and High Voltage Laboratory comprise of protection, simulation, high voltage and machine related experiments. Facilities available for over-current, under voltage, directional, differential and distance relays including different numerical relays.

DC/AC machine lab: The electrical machine laboratory is intended specially to meet the needs of modern courses in electrical machines. It is used at under graduate level for studying the characteristics and operation of single phase and three phase transformer, DC, Induction, synchronous and special electrical machines using state of the art teaching modules.

Control System Lab: This course introduces students to fundamental control system theory with emphasis on design and implementation. These labs focus on technical implementation issue of classical control theory in the frequency domain and modern control theory in the state space. Here students learn the various control methods which are being used in the industries now a day.

Circuit simulation and measurements lab: This simulation lab makes easy to innovate new researches. Before implementing the data on hard projects, it is simulated and verifies in this lab. This lab is fully equipped with required software’s and tools with favorable environment. Also measurements lab includes exercises like AC/DC technology, ohms resistance, AC/DC measuring instruments and techniques, etc.

Department also equipped with Analog electronics lab, Power Electronics Lab, Logic Design Lab and Microcontroller Lab.

 Softwares used: Keil, MatLab, AutoCad, PSpice, etc.

Prof. Chethan Kumar C D (HOD)

Specialization : Energy Systems and Management
Area expertise : Power & Energy System

E-Mail : hod.eeepnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Savitha

Specialization : Digital Electronics
Area expertise : Digital signal and Image Processing

E-Mail : savitha.eeepnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Renukamba

Specialization : Signal Processing
Area expertise : Power system and signal processing

E-Mail : renukamba.eeepnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Shurthi Pradeep

Specialization : Digital Electronics
Area expertise : Electronics

E-Mail : shruthi.eeepnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Murali Krishna

Specialization : Energy Systems and Management
Area expertise : Power Electronics

E-Mail : murali.eeepnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Shivananda M.S.

Specialization : Computer Applications in Industrial Drives
Area expertise : Power Electronics Computer Aided Electrical Drawing

E-Mail : shivananda.eeepnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Rajesh

Specialization : Computer Applications in Industrial Drives
Area expertise : Power Systems, Power Electronics

E-Mail : rajesh.eeepnsit@gmail.com

  • Network Analysis
  • Power Electronics
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Switchgear & Protection
  • Solid State Electric Drives
  • Control Systems
  • Micro controllers
  • Linear Integrated Circuits
  • DC & Synchronous Machines
  • Design of Electrical Machines

Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Association President                                            Chethan Kumar C D
Association Secretary                                            Savitha
Association Trustee                                               Shruthi Pradeep
Association Spokesperson                                    Renukamba
8th Semester Student Coordinator                      Sunil Kumar
6th Semester Student Coordinator                      Kiran
4th Semester Student Coordinator                      Sushma

Started in March 2016 by the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to inculcate in the students work culture with fun and motivate them to express hidden talents to yield creative and challenging notions and to enhance intellectual, physical and overall personality in building a healthy technocrats and citizens.

This association will carry out the extracurricular activities such as sports, group discussion, debate, technical paper presentation, quiz, industrial visits and seminar from professional experts which in turn creates the competition among the students and enhances the student abilities.