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Principal’s Message


Welcome to PNSIT! PNSIT has distinguished itself as one of the best college, renowned for outstanding students, professors and alumni, for achievement in teaching and research, and for its distinctive character. PNSIT’s defining strengths include its unwavering commitment to excellence, and a willingness to be judged by the highest standards. And by these standards, PNSIT has excelled far beyond any reasonable expectations. As students you are at the core of all that we do. Your time at PNSIT offers more than an excellent education.
The college follows a unique pedagogy like Peer to Peer learning and inculcate micro-level learning to ensure its students in having the opportunity to face the rigors of ever-changing demands of real-world situations. It is again supplemented by on-going and regular interaction with business and industry leaders, providing the students a practical platform to assess and experience the application and effective results of what is taught as concepts in their classrooms.
Since Today’s social, technological and medical challenges continue to inspire innovative approaches to research, teaching and learning, New cutting edge facilities at PNSIT provide you with many state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. Likewise, PNSIT’s professors thrive in this environment as they enjoy some of the highest research, while dedicating themselves as well, to enrich your education with research. Our dedicated administrative and support staff’s primary focus is to ensure that you have the necessary resources to respond effectively to academic challenges and to develop lifelong skills. We remain committed to your success.
I welcome the aspiring engineers in choosing this college so as to fulfill their dream to attain heights of glory and wish them all the best in their career