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Electronics and communications

Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of PNS Institute of Technology started in the year 2009 with and intake  of      90.
The Department is equipped with all the latest equipment and laboratory amenities to meet the global standards.  Department is strengthened by well qualified faculty members whose main aim is to make students aware of the cutting edge  technology        with           competence,  commitment  & team   work.

          Electronics & Communication Engineering Department offers an excellent infrastructure for Undergraduate.  Industrial visit is a part        of our  curriculum.  Soft skills programs are conducted through placement cell to improve the overall personality of the students.
The objective of the department is to developing human resources in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering.


To be globally recognized as the Department providing Outstanding Technical Education in the Field of Electronics & Communication Engineering to learners with scope for Excellence in Research and Quality assured Graduates possessing Leadership skills.

To prepare the youth of the universe to have a blend of technological excellence in Electronic Communications Engineering and human values to meet the ever emerging challenges of technical arena in the world.


  • To motivate faculty to pursue advanced levels of knowledge
  • To impart excellent skills among students in the field of Electronics, Communication, Embedded systems and to look beyond the curriculum to lay a strong foundation for Research and Development activities
  • To develop good leadership qualities, strong communication skills and ethical values among students
  • To ensure better placement opportunities
  • To create hygienic and healthy environment


The Department is well equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in all the thrust areas. Students get wide exposure and practical hands-on-training using sophisticated equipment’s during lab sessions

Logic Design  Lab

Equipments : Digital IC Trainer Kits, Digital IC Tester, CRO, Function Generators, DC Power Supplies. etc

AEC  Lab

Equipments : Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, DC Regulated Power supplies, Pulse Generators, Digital Multi meters, Analog voltmeters and Ammeters, DRB, DCB, DIB, Electronics component tester, Function Generator-20Mhz, Function Generator-1Mhz, Sine/Square Generator, AF Oscillator, Function Generator-3Mhz, Auto Compute LCR-Q-METER.

Microcontroller Lab

Equipments : 8051 CPU Card, ALS – NIFC -12 LCD Interface, ALS – NIFC -08 12 Bit ADC Interface, ALS – NIFC -07A 8 Bit ADC Interface, ALS – NIFC 06A Dual DAC Interface, Wave Generator Board, Stepper Motor Interface Board,   Developers Kit  MSP-430, 50 Computers.

HDL  Lab

Equipments :HDL lab equipped with 50 computer systems with high end configuration. Software available xilinx  and interfacing FPGA kits.

 DSP Lab

Software MATLAB Version 7.0.4 & DSP kits CM6713

 Microprocessor Lab

Equipments : MASM Microprocessor 8086 S/W, EPROM Programmer, EPROM Eraser, 24 lines I/O card with 26 core cable, SDA-UNI-01 Basic Universal Mp kit with Interfaces, 50 Computers, LED Intensity Controller & Wave Generator Board, Stepper Motor Interface Board, Analog Interface, Serial port Interface, Printer Interface, ALS-NIFC-12 LCD Interface, ALS-NIFC-08 12 bit ADC Interface, ALS-NIFC-07A 8bit ADC interface, Elevator Board.

Communication Lab

Equipments : 60MHz, 2 Channel DSO, 25MHz, 2 Channel colour DSO, 20 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope, 50 MHz, Color DSO 20 MHz, 20Vpp, 20db, F.G., 1 MHz, 20Vpp, F.G., AM / FM Generators Model 2029, Pulse Generators, DC Regulated Power Supplies, QPSK Modulation & Demodulation Module, DPSK Modulation & Demodulation Module, AM Radio Receiver Kit, SSB Modulator & Demodulator Module, PAM/PPM/PWM Modulation & Demodulation Module using CODEC, Advanced Fiber Optic communication kits Falcon make, Klystron Source Microwave test bench and Microwave components, Klystron Power Supply Model-LMKP-600, LCR Meter Model-4901, Micro strip trainer Kits and Components


Equipments : MyCAD Tools 25 user licenses, Operating system 25 user licenses, 50 Computers.

Power Electronics Lab

Equipments : Dual trace Oscilloscope, Power scope, Isolation transformer, Dimmer stat, Dc regulated power supply 0-32v/2amp,9 in 1 test lab , Digital Multi meters, Rheostats, 0-300v power supply, SCR, TRIAC and DIAC characteristic module, IGBT characteristic study unit, study of lead lag compensating network, UJT firing circuit, Ramp and Pedestal network, DC position control system, P.I.D controller, Second order study unit, stepper motor control digital firing circuit, AC regulator, gate-turn off Thyristor characteristic, SCR and Triac tester, Resistance triggering for Thyristor RC trigger for Thyristor, Diode module, Diac module, Mosfet module, Triac module, SCR module, speed control of dc motor using SCR, Fully controlled converter power circuit with firing module, Half controlled converter power circuit with firing module, DC –Chopper power circuit with firing circuit unit, Forced commutation study unit, Series inverter and Parallel inverter, Universal motor, Tachometer.



Prof. Rashmi H K

Specialization : VLSI Design and Embedded System
Area of Interest : VLSI, Embedded System, Microcontroller, Control System, DSPA
Email : ece.hod.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Srinivas V N

Specialization : Embedded System
Area of Interest : VLSI, Embedded System, Operating System, RTS, DSP
Email : ece.srinivasvn.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Savitha V

Specialization : Information Technology
Area of Interest : CCN, Operating System, AC, Microprocessor, LIC
Email : ece.savithav.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Pavithra C

Specialization : VLSI design and Embedded system
Area of Interest : VLSI, AEC, MEC, HDL, OFC
Email : ece.pavithrac.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Mamatha M

Specialization : Digital Electronics and Communication
Area of Interest : Field Theory, DSP, Basic Electronics, Signals and systems, Antenna and propagation
Email : ece.mamatham.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Jyothi H R

Specialization : Signal Processing
Area of Interest : DC, DSS, DSP, Signal and systems, Communication
Email : ece.jyothihr.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Parameshwara Reddy

Specialization : Microelectronics and Control Systems
Area of Interest : VLSI, Communication, Microcontroller, Control System, Digital Electronics
Email : ece.parameshwarreddy.pnsit@gmail.com

  • Electronic Devices
  • Analog & Digital Communication
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Computer Communication Networks
  • Signals & Systems
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Real Time System
  • Microprocessor
  • VLSI Design
  • Microcontrollers
  • Image Processing