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Computer Science Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering department is one of the pioneering departments at PNSIT. The department was established in 2010. Computer Science and Engineering branch imparts education in hardware and software relating to computer which is an integral part of all processing in almost all fields.

The academic activities of the Department lays emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental concepts, development of creative ability to handle the challenges of CS Engineering, and the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary in nature.

The objective is to educate, train and develop world class research and IT professionals with a mastery of not only hardware and software skills but also soft skills for professional success.

Computer engineers are involved in many hardware and software aspects of computing, from the design of individual microcontrollers, microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design. This field of engineering not only focuses on how computer systems themselves work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture.

The Department motivates the students to take up research and community projects involving interactions with various reputed organizations.

VISION : Preparing better computer professionals for a real world.


  • To educate & prepare graduates, highly sought after & productive.
  • To promote an intellectual & ethical environment in which the strengths & skills will flourish.
  • To provide training & encourage R & D and consultancy services in frontier areas of computer science with global outlook.
  • To impart solid foundation & applied aspects in both computer science theory & programming practices.
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithm lab : Use of graphs, analysing algorithm, time complexity calculation to help write efficient algorithms.
  • Computer Graphics lab : OpenGL; Graphics library usage in multimedia projects.
  • Computer programming lab : Coding & executing C programs.
  • DBMS lab : Use of database, queries, DML, DDL, enhances learning of database concepts.
  • Electronics Circuits & Logic Design lab : To learn analog & digital circuits; enhances learning of circuits like clipper, clamper, flip flops etc. by practical’s & simulation.
  • Microprocessor lab : Study of 8086 processor- software & hardware programs. It is a assembly level language.
  • Networks lab : To learn network concepts, simulation; to know about the data flow over a network.
  • Object Oriented programming lab : Several time motion studies are made increasing student’s capability in simulation techniques.

Data Structures lab

  •           Coding & executing C programs.
    System Software & Complier Design lab : Use of Lex & Yacc & gain better knowledge on working of compiler, system software.
  • Web programming lab : Learn internet programming & application software development for web applications.

Prof. Syeda Nayeemunisa (HOD)

Specialization : Computer communication
Area expertise : Electronic Circuits, Microprocessor, Logic Design, Microcontroller

E-Mail : csehod.pnsit@gmail.com

Lokamba T H

Prof. Lokamba T H

Specialisation : Computer Networks& Engg.
Area expertise : Computer networks, System modelling & simulation, Analysis & Design of algorithms, Object oriented programming

E-Mail : cselokamba.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Karthik G

Specialization : Digital communication & Networking
Area expertise : Computer concepts in C, Unix system programming, Storage area networks, Programming language

E-Mail : csekarthik.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Manjunath Patil

Specialization : Computer science& Engg.
Area expertise : Java, Web programming, Computer organisation, Software architecture

E-Mail : csemanjunath.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Manasa

Specialization : Computer science & Engg.
Area expertise : Finite automation, Compiler design, DBMS, Graph theory

E-Mail : csemanasa.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Vani

Specialization : Computer science & Engg.
Area expertise : Network mgmt. system, Operating system, Software testing, Computer networks

E-Mail : csevani.pnsit@gmail.com


Prof. Basavaraj Patil

Specialization : Computer Networks& Engg.
Area expertise : System software, Management information systems, Data structures, Unix shell programming

E-Mail : csebasavaraj.pnsit@gmail.com

  • OOPS with C++
  • Microprocessors
  • Embedded systems
  • Computer Organization
  • JAVA and CGI programming
  • DBMS
  • System Software
  • Operating systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Unix system programming

The aim of the program is to expose the student with latest technology & application. This course enables the students to understand the concepts programming techniques & technologies involved in advancement of computer technology.

The department of computer science & Engineering caters the most demanding professionals with cutting edge technology with its expertise faculty & fully equipped laboratories. The department’s mission is to advance, evolve & enhance Computer science & engineering fundamental to build the intellectual capital of our research & of our students. BE in CSE is a board & flexible degree program with the curriculum specifically designed to reflex the depth & breadth of CS. Our endeavour is to make the CSE Dept. of NIT an important resource sender for the development computing IT system & applications. CSE Dept. boasts a vibrant faculty. It has DBMS lab, ADA lab, Web programming lab, Network lab, CG&V lab, SS lab. This dept. focus to bring advance electronics, Advance DBMS, Mobile computing, Rich internet Application, ARM based system design, Grid computing, Programming language projects in the Undergraduate curriculum.

CSE effectively prepare students to pursue leadership, technical & management position in a variety of industries. Students can be placed successfully in top-notch companies as computer & software engineers.